Kanto International Transports Internationally

We are a general international logistics company composed of young members with specialized knowledge of logistics.

We offer our customers the best way to transport their shipments by considering various methods that can be transported at the fastest and lowest cost, including consolidated transportation, warehousing, shipping, and air transportation.

We are affiliated with distributors around the world and accept transportation not only in Asia but also in Europe, North America and Oceania.

Why choose us

Reasons We Have Been Chosen

We are confident to help companies that are looking forward to “start a global transaction” and/or “searching for a method to reduce international shipping cost”
The rules for marine transportation differ between Japan and overseas, but with our wealth of knowledge and experience in both circumstances, we are capable to achieve smooth and profitable transportation. Also, we can share the updates on import / export and overseas expansion of your interest area to best support your business.


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